❏ Insider threat detection

❏ Data discovery, classification, and loss prevention

❏ User activity monitoring

❏ Live screen recording & playback for audit and forensics

❏ Automatically allow, block, or alert on any user behavior

❏ Rule and anomaly-based risk analysis

❏ Time and productivity analysis

  • Teramind for Healthcare

    Teramind for HIPAA helps organizations conform with ongoing privacy and
    security requirements of HIPAA regulated PII, PHI and EHR data with its
    extensive user activity monitoring, data exfiltration protection, audit, reporting
    and forensics capabilities.

  • Teramind for Financial Services

    Teramind helps banks and financial institutions secure sensitive PII data
    against insider threats using behavior rules to identify high risk users within
    financial organizations. Uncover potential security weaknesses and
    insider threats with Teramind DLP.

  • Teramind for Government

    Government and public services organizations can address data loss,
    cyber security and insider threats with Teramind for Government. Ensure your
    adherence to regulatory compliance including NIST, FAR/DFARS, FDCC,
    FedRamp, FISMA and more.

  • Teramind for Data Privacy

    Teramind for GDPR helps organizations conform with ongoing compliance
    requirements with its extensive user activity monitoring, data exfiltration
    protection, audit, reporting and forensic capabilities.

  • Teramind for Compliance

    Ensure ongoing conformance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001,
    SOX, FISMA and other regulatory compliance and standards by identifying
    and notifying users to non-compliant actions with real-time alerts. Meet the
    audit and reporting requirements with Teramind’s extensive reporting and
    forensic capabilities.

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  • User Activity Monitoring

    Monitor and control user activity to ensure compliance with internal security policies and regulatory requirements.

  • User Behaviour Analytics

    Identify behavior anomalies and uncover potential threats in real time. Get fully customizable alerts with full audit trail and video recording of all user action.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    DLP features such as OCR, fingerprinting, and content discovery to prevent malicious or negligent data exfiltration

  • Employee Monitoring

    Monitor employee activity with customizable reports to identify team, department, individual level productivity, social media use, time spent on projects, apps, and more.

  • Compliance & Audit

    Ensure ongoing compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and much more by identifying and alerting user to non-compliant actions with real time alerts.

  • Insider Threat Prevention

    Automate risk detection and block unwanted employee behavior.

User session recording, live view and playback

Teramind’s Session Recording feature captures all user activity and screen content. User session recordings can be viewed live or for past dates and exported as a video file. With the session recording feature, you can:

•   Find out, and have forensic evidence, if your users are engaged in unproductive or harmful activities while at work.

•   Take control of a user’s desktop in a potential breach situation.

•   With the help of immutable logs, alert reports and audit trails, the recording can serve as forensic evidence for investigation.

•   The insight derived from the reports and recordings can be used to train employees about security best practices.

Privileged user monitoring

Privileged insiders such as system administrators, network administrators, conflicts department and other personnel have access to otherwise restricted critical information systems containing client/matter data. As such, a malicious privileged user can cause serious damage to a law firm by accessing, leaking or potentially destroying client/matter data and work product. To prevent these insider threats, Teramind can:

•   Set up power-user rules to check for backdoor account creation, attempt to gain additional system privileges, editing configuration files etc.

•   Receive real-time alerts when a privileged user tries to tamper with sensitive systems, databases or content.

•   Immutable session log keeps a permanent record of all privileged user actions.

Intelligent session mining with OCR

Teramind can capture all data on a computer screen, including text in images and video streams, and apply OCR technology to provide the firm with the ability to:

•   Search for certain keywords using regular expressions or natural language to find any relevant content that was visible to the user.

•   Discover which users have seen relevant information as it pertains to a particular client/matter to ensure ethical walls remained in place and report any violations.

•   Create rules for identifying content that is not easily parsable because the text is embedded inside images or videos.

•   Build rules that trigger an action when certain text appears on screen.

Policy and rules engine

With Teramind’s visual Policy and Rules creation engine, law firms can establish:

•   Rules and policies to monitor and protect client/matter and other sensitive data from insider threats, breaches and exfiltration.

•   100s of pre-built policies and rules to protect you against common mistakes and perilous activities like unauthorized access, content sharing or other dangerous activities that can put your firm at risk.

•   Automatically take action during a rule violation. For example, you can create a rule that blocks a paralegal attempting to upload confidential documents to cloud shares.

Privacy-aware recording and monitoring

With Teramind, your firm is in complete control on when, who and how much to monitor, when to record and when not to. Teramind is flexible to accommodate all use cases:

•   Monitor activity and alert/block actions only, with no user session recording.

•   Record only during rule and policy violations, by setting Teramind to trigger a recording action when a rule is triggered.

•   Record groups of users all the time (example privileged user access to critical systems), and other groups of users based on other criteria. For example, you may choose to record entire user sessions for your contractors and only record privileged users when they access specific applications such as your document and records management systems which contain your client/matter data and work product.

Revealed or stealth desktop agent

Teramind can be deployed with a revealed desktop agent, whereby users are aware of the Teramind system and its monitoring functions, and can control when to turn on and off the agent. Alternatively, the desktop agent can be deployed in stealth mode with no visible controls to the end users being monitored.
With the revealed agent you can:

•   Monitor employee activity and work product non-obtrusively and transparently with the user’s consent and knowledge.

•   Users can decide when/what activities should be tracked.

•   User can select their own task/project in the agent.

With the stealth agent, you can:

•   Set up full-time or scheduled monitoring.

•   Users can be monitored as soon as a user logs on.

•   Automatic task assignment by user’s application / website usage.

•   Users don’t see or interact with the agent software.

Data loss prevention

Compliance, competition and customer trust means law firms have to ensure the safety of client/matter information and work product. To ensure data safety and integrity, Teramind has a robust, four-step data loss prevention process:

•   Defining what constitutes sensitive or classified data.

•   Set security perimeter by setting rules for how the data should be handled.

•   Automatically prevent any rule violation incident with actions that block, notify, or warn.

•   In case of a data breach, pinpoint the exact cause and source of the incident with audit and forensic data available in the Teramind system.



Our solutions allow your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business or Geographic location, A+ has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

Flexible Deployment Options

On-premise – control the Teramind implementation in its entirety, stay off-cloud if that’s your firm’s operational model, leverage LDAP groups and users to identify which users and groups to apply which policies and rules to.

Teramind Private Cloud – use your own secure, scalable private cloud implementation including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and more.

Teramind Cloud – trust us the management of the Teramind deployment and infrastructure. Only install Teramind Agents on the machines you want to monitor and set up your users, policies and rules and let us take care of the rest.

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Our solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, A+ has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.

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